Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Full Tilt closure, Rakeback, and Cake

So yeah, i really suck at keeping up with this blog. Not like I have more than one reader anyway (hi mom!!).

It has been pretty eventful in my world of poker this month, but unfortuantely the poker stuff is mostly administrative and didn't include very much actual playing. I really gotta get that straightened out too, cause the extra money was straight cash. But I've been hittin the gym lately, and eating better, so at least I will be in shape once I get back to the tables and that might actually keep me from playing hours on end in the evening.

But since my last blog, I finally got a rakeback account signed up at Rake The Rake (gratuitous ad below). All the percentages are pretty standard, but they seemed to be one of the most established so they'll probably be around for a while. The extra $2-$3k per year I've been sacrificing without rakeback is just insane....i want to shoot myself for not finding this sooner.

Bullshit Full Tilt poker refused my plethora of requests to retag my account to be rakeback eligible, so I finally went ahead and closed it down. Really sucks because Full Tilt is the only site that: 1) allows U.S. players 2) is supported by Sharkscope HUD 3) is supported by Poker Tracker 3 and 4) has rakeback. These are my main criteria for a poker site and I obviously am going to have to compromise somewhere. These tools are EASILY worth the money at the frequency I play, especially the HUD addons....its so helpful to see limping/raising percentages and postflop aggressiveness, as well as how big of a donk they are, right on the screen. They easily pay for themselves in the first week. Hopefully FTP will come to their senses and reopen my account and retag it, but until then, FUCK YOU FULL TILT!

I signed up for a new account on Cake poker (which is good for all, except #3), but their deposit options are horrible and I've heard cashouts take a while to complete too, so I'm probably not going to deposit on there unless I get into a real jam. Sucks too cause the games on there are reportedly the softest on the net (hence the name Cake I guess), so i may have to spread my wealth around.

Well that's about it bitches....I'm looking into moving to Poker Stars, so we'll see how that Atlantic City is coming up next week!!! hooorah

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