Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Results

For my first real post, I'd like to take advantage of the new month starting to put October behind me. I ran like complete ass for the first half of the month, and only managed to pull ahead towards the end. All in all, it was easily my least profitable month since moving to FTP, with the exception of July where I only played $5-$10 tourneys.

I'm a member of Sharkscope and all of the stats I post are pretty much going to be screenshots from there. If you aren't a member, I'd highly recommend it (no I'm not a shill; companies tend not to sponsor unknown people with only one blog under their belt). Its really helpful to find out who the fishies are at your table, and play them accordingly.

Here are my graphs for October '08 (click to zoom):

As you can see I had just about 200 games logged this month. I was on travel for about 90% of the month (I actually only slept in my own bed 5 nights all of October!) so I didn't put in quite the volume that I wanted to, but as bad as I was running that might have been ok. I didn't get even until about game 100. It was such a frustrating run; AK < AJ, KK < KJ, AA < 44. It was just so frustrating to run so bad. And if I was even slightly behind when the money went in, I might as well have just logged off, because there was no chance in hell I was drawing out on somebody.

If it hadn't been for me running in god-mode on the $22 turbos for the month, I would have had my first losing month on record. Not happy times. But overall, a $387 profit for the month (not counting live wins in Atlantic City). I can't really complain since there are people out there losing my yearly salary every month (Dreg's List). I have a feeling November is going to be much better. Let's get to the tables...

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