Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to VTBalla34's Poker Blog!

What's up everybody? I don't know how you stumbled across my blog, but thanks for coming out. I wanted to start this blog to track my poker results and help find leaks in my game, and generally keep me off tilt when I'm running bad. First a little about myself:

I'm 26 and am a proud graduate of Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!!! (Even though its VERY hard to root for them sometimes). I am an engineer for a defense contractor in Maryland. We work with the Navy's TRIDENT Submarine weapon system, which is basically the most badass thing known to man. I've been doing that for 3 years now and really enjoy it. I live right beside of work, so my commute is pretty awesome. I want to get back into the gym and play more basketball (since I played in college), but at the end of the day, I'm usually just too lazy. And besides, its really tough to not come home and get on the internet when there are so many poker players just waiting to hand you their money. Which brings me to my second point:

I am kind of addicted to online poker. I've logged about 1,000 SNG's since mid-July on Full Tilt Poker and have made a pretty good profit in that time. I'll be posting graphs and shit to track my progress, so all of you can follow along. Don't worry about selling me out to the IRS; I pay all my taxes in April!

Since starting with $5 SNG's on Ultimate Bet (as TKEStunna) in the Fall of '04, I have probably logged close to a million hands of poker. Ultimate Bet's software sucks when it comes to interfacing with add-ons, so I'm not sure how much I made on there, but I did pretty well. In around the July timeframe, I received Colin Moshman's "Sit N Go Strategy" book and have improved my game significantly. Around that time, I made the move from Ultimate Bet to Full Tilt (as VTBalla34) mainly due to the superuser scandal, but also because FTP has >>>>>>> volume than Ultimate Bet, which makes multi-tabling so much more profitable. I usually play between 4-6 SNGs at a time and am going to work up to about 10-12 once I get a dual-monitor setup. Since moving to FTP, I've made ~$3k in just over 3 months. Not bad part time, but I'd certainly like to up my volume and try to pull in more disposable income. I post on Cardplayer Forum as VTBalla34.

So without further ado, welcome to my blog and tell your friends. Feel free to leave any comments, be it praise/hate/indifference whatever. I've made a lot of people angry online with my Phil Hellmuth-type banter, and have come to terms with that. So haters, bring it on. Let's roll, ya'll........

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